On March 28, Philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy’s One-Man Play Will Be Presented in Kyiv with Support of Victor Pinchuk Foundation

On March 28, 2019, one-man show “Looking for Europe” will be presented in Kyiv with the Victor Pinchuk Foundation’s support, staged after a play by worldwide renowned French writer and philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy. The event will take place as part of a theatrical tour in 20 European cities, including Milan, Brussels, Amsterdam, Geneva, Lausanne, Vienna, Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, Kyiv, Athens, Budapest, Gdansk, Berlin, Rome, Prague, Copenhagen, Dublin, Lisbon, Sarajevo, Vilnius, and Paris.

The play is performed by its author, Bernard-Henri Lévy, and is the internal monologue of an intellectual holed up in a hotel room in Sarajevo for 90 minutes to compose an important speech about Europe, its fundamental values, future and present. The room hosts only the character, his laptop and Google. His searches, reflections and endless messaging - the viewers will see that all. The character needs to write a speech about Europe, but what would be the source of inspiration to be sought – literature, history of photographs from travels around European cities?

The script text will be undergoing changes and updates up until last minute, in order to meet the political situation and events in Ukraine. In addition, one can ask questions about Europe on the tour official web page, three of which will be answered by Bernard-Henri Lévy during the show.

The show will take place at the October Palace (1, Heaven’s Hundred Alley, Kyiv). It starts at 7:00 p.m. The tickets are available here. The show will be presented in French, with Ukrainian subtitles.

Bernard-Henri Lévy is an author of 40 books, including “The Empire and the Five Kings”, “Barbarism with a Human Face” and “Who Killed Daniel Pearl?”. European and US media wrote about his plays, books and political stance. His documentaries “Peshmerga” and “The Battle of Mosul” were chosen by the Cannes film festival.

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