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The Medsanbat project emerged after several months of military actions in Eastern Ukraine. The numbers of wounded and killed made it clear that Ukraine’s military medicine lacks basic management and knowledge.

Most of those in the war zone had no experience in providing medical aid at battlefield, never saw that kind of injuries and had no equipment and medication to save lives. As a result, numbers of deaths, fatal injuries and handicapped were rocketing.

Medsanbat was designed to fill this gap. Victor and Elena Pinchuk launched Medsanbat in early October 2014. The project provides training courses according to NATO standards to doctors and medical personal along with fully equipped medical backpacks.

During the first month of the project all trainers were NATO experts with impressive background. Starting from the mid of November, Ukrainian instructors, trained during the first wave, joined the program.

During last six months “Medasnbat” has held more than 20 training courses throughout different parts of Ukraine, engaging more than 3000 people. General time spent in a combat area equals to 2 months. 250 doctors and health professionals were provided with military medical bags during this period.

A substantial number of those who underwent the trainings work now in the zone where combat is ongoing - as doctors, volunteers and soldiers, many are in the front lines working days and nights to evacuate and provide first aid to troops.

To sustain communication with Medsanbat alumni and other specialists, web site was launched along with Facebook page where people can track the project development and exchange knowledge.

Medsanbat trainers developed protocols of TCCC (tactical medicine) for Ukraine and filmed series of video instructions available at

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