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Colin L. Powell: "Do not expect anything you do not work for"

Word version    photos    event    On October 24, 2007, as part of the KSE Public Lectures project hosted by the Kyiv School of Economics, Colin Powell, the 65th US Secretary of State gave a press briefing and a lecture "Democracy and Global World Challenges". In his humorous presentation littered with personal anecdotes, the former Secretary of State discussed the confrontation between USA and USSR during the Cold War, from the beginning of Perestroika to the fall of the Iron Curtain. He also expressed his view how to overcome challenges facing the world while building a democratic and prosperous country and gave an evaluation of recent changes in Ukraine stating his hope that Ukraine would steadily pursue its democratic and economic development.

The former US Secretary of State pointed out that the Ukraine has enjoyed buoyant economic growth in the last two and a half years. "I think that this growth will continue and I hope that your current situation will soon clarify and that political development will catch up with the economic development. There are people who are interested in Ukraine and in the talent of its people and there are investment opportunities. However, they may only want to take advantage of these opportunities if you have transparent legislation, an effective judicial system and no corruption", - said Colin Powell.

Speaking about Ukraine's development prospects, Colin Powell said: "Do not expect anything you do not work for". He also stressed that it would be young people who would ensure liberalization of the country and make necessary changes. In particular, as he was talking about the Kyiv School of Economics, he pointed out: "KSE students are one of the forces that will move Ukraine forward in the right direction".

In his address to KSE students Colin Powell emphasized: "Any resources and human talent that you have belong to the nation. Always give back to your people and never forget where you learnt it. In his turn, Victor Pinchuk, honorary president of the Kyiv School of Economics thanked Colin Powell and said to the young people attending: "I am glad that young people, our future leaders, have a chance to gain valuable experience from the very beginning. I hope you can take full advantage of these lessons for you personally and for your country".

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